Power Point Presentations

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Power Point Slide Shows presented at the Symposium.

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(Please note some are not available by request of the author.)

Dr. B. Kaiser: Using XRF for Philatelic Analysis
(as a PDF file)

G. Portch and C. Verge: A Comparative Study of Security Measures Used by Security Printers

A. H. Najjar: Comprehensive Forensic Investigation of Three Great Britain
1d Plate 77 Stamps on Cover
(download here as a PDF file)

Dr. L. Caswell: Reflectance Spectra of Colored Overprints

Dr. D. Bortfeldt: New Ways of Looking at Pre-philatelic Inks

Prof. Thomas Gill: Application of PIXE Analysis to Philately
(download here as a PDF file)

D. L. Herendeen and G. C. White: Statistical Estimates of Rare Stamp Populations
This presentation is a fully narrated Power Point of 135MB.
It takes a significant amount of time to download on a slow internet connection.

D. L. Herendeen: Documenting Science in the Philatelic Literature

R. H. Cipolla: A Layman’s Forensic Adventure

T. Lera and J. Giaccai: Analytical Philately of the London Printings of Chile 1853-1862

Dr. H. G. Brittain: A Forensic Study of the Ink and Paper of the Typographed 1862 5c Blue CSA Stamps

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